Yoga for Cyclists: Psoas Power!

On April 9th, I am partnering with Momentum Bikes to lead a yoga class tailored for cyclists.

When we cycle, the psoas is the most mechanically efficient muscle for lifting the leg on the upstroke, and when we go through our daily lives, it can help us stand straighter with less effort. So why have most of us have never heard of it let alone learned how to keep it strong and supple?

The reason: despite its importance, the psoas is out of sight and out of mind. It’s a deep core muscle, attaching the lower spinal column to the top of the thigh bone, so we can’t see it flexing, and since it has very little enervation, we tend to not even feel it. Our neglect of this useful muscle has been increased by the use of chairs, which cause it to be tight and weak, leading to issues with posture that go all the way up the spine.

But have no fear — psoas power is here! In April’s Yoga for Cyclists class we’ll begin to activate, stretch, and strengthen the psoas. Most importantly we will begin the process of discovering how we can use it to power our upstroke and, eventually, give us a more effortless upright posture in our daily lives.

Cyclists and yogis of all levels are welcome!


Momentum Bikes
25 W Main St.
Platteville, WI 53818

Parking is available on Main St., or in the Bonson/4th Street lot behind the shop


Sunday, April 9th from 9:00 – 10:00 AM with a Q&A afterward


If you don’t have a mat, contact us here.  All other props are provided


Pre-registration price: $12 per person. Pre-registration ends on April 8th at Noon
Same day registration: $15 per person

Yoga for Cyclists has a registration limit of 15 people. Register Here